V&G Anton Jewelry Salon provides you with an excellent opportunity to repair your jewelry in a quality and delicate way.

Our masters carefully approach the implementation of each order. The cost of repair depends on the complexity of the breakdown, the characteristics of the material and the design features of the decoration.

Our services:

  • repair and restoration of products of any complexity
  • gilding and rhodium plating, restoration of rhodium plating
  • fastening, selection of inserts
  • ultrasonic cleaning of products
  • polishing products and removing scratches
  • resizing jewelry
  • correction of geometry and deformed products
  • laser soldering of cracks, breaks
  • repair of branded jewelry such as Chopard, Cartier, etc.
  • alteration of an existing product according to your desire
  • custom made jewelry

Thanks to a qualified service, the owner of the jewelry will be able to enjoy his favorite jewelry for a long time.


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